Welcome To Nari Niketan Trust

Nari Niketan Trust runs an orphanage that facilitates both in-country and inter-country adoptions, and is a home for abandoned children in Jalandhar, Punjab. All measures are based on the primary consideration that they are in the best interest of child. It also runs a school for underprivileged children, arranges vocational training courses.

"The history of mankind has been the history of riches for a select few and misery for the majority. Even after the movements for upliftment of the status of women, we still hear of abandoned and destitute women and unwanted and abandoned children. Nari Niketan's contribution in providing refuge to these women and children has been unparalleled. Besides giving shelter, security and refuge, Nari Niketan has provided the means to improve quality of life through education and vocational training. As responsible members of society we also have an obligation towards these causes. By supporting institutions like Nari Niketan, we can better serve humanity."
- Late Shri I.K. Gujral

One of the primary aims of Nari Niketan Trust is to end female feticide. We appeal to all those who cannot care for their children to bring them to Nari Niketan, so that they may find a loving family and promising future.