First and foremost aim of Nari Niketan is to stop female foeticide. We appeal to all people to bring the unwanted children to nari-niketan so that they may find a loving family.


On the 21st and the 22nd of January, the Tribune published two false and defamatory articles against me and the Nari Niketan Trust, Jalandhar, an organisation of which I am president. Both stories have been written and published with the deliberate and malicious intent to defame me, damage my credibility and undermine my family’s legacy of philanthropy in the state of Punjab. Since the establishment of the National Niketan Trust in 1955 by my grandparents, Sh. A.N. Gujral and Smt. Pushpa Gujral, it has functioned as a home for abandoned women and children. After the demise of my grandparents, it was run by my father, Shri I.K.Gujral. The Trust runs an adoption agency which has found loving homes for almost a thousand unwanted children. The Trust also provides education to almost seven hundred children through the A.N. Gujral Senior Secondary School. It has had an impeccable reputation all these years, and there has never been any complaint against it in the past. The Tribune’s articles alleged that the Nari Niketan Trust has forged police clearances, misrepresented facts to CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) and offered money to parents to allow their child to be adopted by a foreign national, among other false and equally ludicrous claims. All adoptions facilitated by Nari Niketan Trust were and are done in accordance with all legal procedures. The allegations of forgery, fabrication and illegal gratification are entirely false. I am in the process of taking legal action against the Tribune for defaming me and publishing these blatant lies. All documentary proof will be put up on the website of the Trust soon. Naresh Gujral

Welcome To Nari Niketan Trust

The history of mankind has been the history of riches for a select few and misery for the majority. While time has given ethics and values to human life, these ethics and values have changed with the passage of time. Even after the movements for upliftment of the status of women, we still hear of abandoned and destitute women and unwanted and abandoned children. Nari Niketan’s contribution in providing refuge to these women and children has been unparalleled ever since. Besides giving shelter, security and refuge, Nari Niketan has provided the means to better the quality of the life through education and vocational training. As responsible members of society we also have an obligation towards it. By supporting institution like Nari Niketan, we can do our bit of serving to the humanity”.
--Sh. Rakesh Dada

Nari Niketan Trust (Regd.) Nakodar Road, Jalandhar, is in fact a unique multi-purpose charitable institution of its own kind in Jalandhar.

History Of Nari Niketan

Partition of the country brought a great gift to Jalandhar in 1947.
Late Avtar Narain Gujral and Smt. Pushpa Gujral adopted this city as their new home in free India on their migration from Jhelum in West Punjab. This couple had won name and fame as front rank fighters for freedom of India by making great sacrifices. Their home in Jhelum was a citable on which patriots converged in time of need. The family had played host to the tallest among them including Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Shrimati Indira Gandhi. Gujral House in Jhelum was like Anand Bhawan in Allahabad. Late Avtar Narain Gujral was an eminent lawyer. He sacrificed his thriving practice and courted imprisonment several times.

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Nari Niketan Trust (Regd.)

Nari Niketan Trust (Regd.)
Nakodar Road, Jalandhar city,
Punjab - 144 003 (INDIA)
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Col.(Rted) S.S. Shoker - 0181-4614827
fax - 0181-2200309
Sh. G. Roy - 0181-4627320
Mrs. Anjna Talwar - 0181-4617009
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